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Airrosti Rehab Centers
At Airrosti, we focus on diagnosing the root cause of our patients’ pain, then resolving that pain as quickly as possible. We focus on results, not funneling you into a long-term treatment plan.
Jeffrey M. Benzick MD Adult Psychiatry
ADULT PSYCHIATRY-I am certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in the treatment of Psychiatric illness. This includes a broad range of disorders, including Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, and others. SPORT PSYCHIATRY-I have a special interest in the Psychiatric care of athletes of all skill levels. SPIRITUALITY-Getting yourself situated spiritually brings a sense of peace, and is every bit as important as other aspects of treatment.
Code Ninjas- Stone Oak
Technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and we're just getting started. Code Ninjas believes that there's never been a more exciting time to advance our culture - starting with our youngest ones. Every kid deserves the chance to unlock their innate, unlimited capacity to learn. Whether or not they pursue coding as a career, we want to provide kids with skills that will help them pursue their dreams. Kids love technology, games, and having fun with friends. Parents want to give their kids the best and brightest future possible. Everyone wins at Code Ninjas. Kids learn to code through our engaging game-based curriculum that teaches teamwork, logic, math, and problem solving. They gain vital skills while having a blast. That's the Code Ninjas way! Stone Oak 1 Store 20322 Huebner Road, #105 San Antonio, TX 78258
Prestige Emergency Room
Prestige Emergency Room is a full-service emergency room serving patients in and around San Antonio, TX, designed to provide emergency care for all sorts of medical emergencies without the prolonged wait times associated with hospital-based emergency rooms. Prestige ER is located at 2810 North Loop 1604 West, Suite 110, San Antonio TX 78248. Open 24 hours a day, feel free to call us any time at 210-610-8134. The medical team at Prestige Emergency Room has extensive experience treating an array of emergency medical and trauma issues, including pneumonia, chest pain, back pain, fractures, abdominal pain, diarrhea, migraines and fever in patients of all ages. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, so patients can enjoy convenient and rapid diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries. Conveniently located on Northwest Loop Route 1604, just east of The University of Texas San Antonio campus, Prestige Emergency Room supplies round-the-clock care 365 days a year, providing skilled care and peace of mind for patients throughout the San Antonio, TX, area. In addition to providing immediate emergency care, Prestige Emergency Room also accommodates “call-ahead” appointments and provides transportation to area hospitals when more extensive treatments are required.
South Texas Press, Inc.
South Texas Press has supported Reagan Lacrosse for a few years with all our printing needs. Contact STP for all your printing needs! (210) 224-2653
Texas Beach Boutique
The "Texas Beach Boutique" started as a mobile fashion truck that originally operated in Jupiter, FL. That business grew and needed a land-based retail store leaving the beloved truck in need of a new home. I was offered the opportunity to become an "off-spring" of the original boutique because I had been a huge fan. In fact, I had purchased so many pairs of palazzo pants from the parent company that my husband actually asked me if we should buy some stock! The mobile boutique (aka the "Texas Beach Boutique") arrived in San Antonio in December of 2015. The "Texas Beach Boutique" was the first mobile fashion truck in San Antonio. When you step inside of the truck, you are enter a beautifully designed boutique, that includes a changing room and a small seating area. As all things in life grow, so did the Texas Beach Boutique. In a few short years, the Boutique established a supportive and ever growing customer base. In early 2017, Elaine Boston suggested I consider a brick and mortar store. As I work as a professor full-time, I invited Elaine to take the lead. Our daughters had been classmates since middle school, and when the time came for them to leave for Baylor as roommates, we committed to finishing out a beautiful space in "The Alley" at 555 West Bitters Drive. Elaine is now the managing partner for the Texas Beach Boutique! In our brick and mortar store, we carry the same beautiful, "easy breezy" and comfortable styles with which we started. Our inventory consists of palazzo pants, tops (no matter the colors in our palazzo pants, I assure you we have a top(s) to match!), long and short wrap dresses (that don't come unwrapped!), and beautiful private label bell sleeved dresses/tunics. For customers that want to wear leggings under our tunics, we have a beautiful selection of M Rena long leggings for ALL body types. We get limited numbers in most of our tunics, all of which now carry the Texas Beach Boutique label. Those tunics are made in the USA - the Los Angeles fashion district to be specific. We have recently added several more exclusive lines including Veronica M and Judith March. Other beautiful brands include RYU and Paper Racine. We also carry named brand boho style apparel from companies such as Umgee, Kori, Blue Pepper and Solo La Fe, to name just a few. These items are made in California and in other parts of the world. Our signature accessories include handmade crystal tassel necklaces, and designer inspired pendant necklaces and earrings. The crystal necklaces are stunning and are made by moms in Bali, Indonesia. This affords these women an opportunity to earn livable wages while staying at home to care for their children. The "Texas Beach Boutique" fashion truck and store location are available for private shopping parties, special events, and fund raisers. If you are interested in scheduling an event, just contact Dana at danalea.1999@gmail.com or leave a message at 210-867-9759. For fundraisers, 10% of total sales from event is contributed to the organization/group at the close of the business. For private shopping parties, the hostess earns 10% of sales in merchandise.